26.06.2019 | Category: News

Vietnam has been recently making hard efforts to cooperate with the international community to achieve many goals in the socio-economic development and to raise people's living conditions. In 2016 Vietnam has begun implementing the five-year socio-economic development plans for the period of 2016-2020 with a vision to 2030 towards the sustainable development.

Facing challenges in macroeconomic stability, environmental and social quality, in the context of unfavorable international environment, and severe impacts of climate change, the Government of Vietnam established the National Target Program to respond to climate change (2008), the National Strategy on Climate Change (2011), and the National Action Plan to respond to climate change (2013). The efforts are towards achieving the sustainable development goals, growth equality, protection of the environment and sustainable ecosystems to contribute to the joint efforts in protecting the global environment, with the active supports of the international community and the development partners.

In the national strategies to cope with climate change, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is responsible for integrating CC into Vietnam's development plans. The ministries and the departments such as MPI, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), provinces, and the political system have been actively integrating CC into the socio-economic development plans. However, to achieve the effective integration, it is of necessity to make institutional improvements.

In November 2015, when participating in Paris's COP-21 Conference, the Prime Minister committed to implement Vietnam's National Determined Contributions (NDC) with two main areas: i) mitigation of greenhouse emissions (1-conditional and 2-voluntary) and ii) Climate change adaptation to 2020 and 2021-2030.

Implementing the commitments in COP-21, the Government assigned the following tasks to the relevant agencies, including MPI:

  • Developing "Implementation Plan for Paris Agreementon Climate Change" through the National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change and Green Growth.
  • Developing the national adaptation plan for the period of 2016-2020 as required by Paris Agreement based on the National Action Plan to respond to climate change in the period of 2012-2020.
  • Regulating and coordinating with the ministries, sectors and localities in planning the successful implementation of the NDC in Vietnam.
  • Planning sectoral and socio-economic development based on the climate change scenarios, focusing on key sectors and localities (task 28).

The research: "Developing guideline for integrating climate change into national socio-economic development plans" aims to meet institutional needs in planning at the central level and coordinate with the efforts of the other ministries and sectors.

Institute of Ecology and Environment (EEI) has been selected to implement the said-above project.